Here be Dragons. The new Matt Steady album.

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  1. Buen Camino Matt Steady 3:44
  2. Here be Dragons Matt Steady 3:52
  3. Apollo Matt Steady 6:18


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Here be Dragons - Celtic folk with a blues twist

Life isn't just a journey; it's more like an old-fashioned ocean voyage! I’d plotted out a passage for my life, but the wind and waves blew me well off course towards the very corners of the map - you know where those little pictures of dragons are! I've exchanged my safe, predictable job for a lucrative [ahem!] dual career as full-time Dad and musician. Our tally of kids is now up to 4, including 3 that we’ve adopted, so at times it really does feel like two full-time jobs. It’s hard work but I've got to say I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I'm glad I didn't stubbornly sail against the wind. Frankly the thought of being a full-time Dad was scary, and living off music seemed impossible. The dragons looked huge, but they were simply marking the unknown, and as we've continued to sail towards them, they've lost their power.

I find voyages so inspiring! This album is full of them, from ocean journeys to the depths of space. We witness the Scots emigrating during the Highland Clearances, and follow smugglers travelling the Blackwater River. We walk the Camino de Santiago, and travel between death and life with some Tolkien! Musically this is very traditional. No not really! There's all sorts on there :) It's still loosely "Celtic blues". I’m continuing to be inspired by history and nature, and traditional folk sounds, but I’m constantly bringing them back to be relevant to today, and with that I heavily influence the sound with blues and rock.

So join the crew! Look through the rewards and treat yourself! And then I'M going to treat you too! All orders come with a bonus EP from some of my amazing musical friends - and on reaching the goal, I'm also going to give you a bonus instrumental album! There's something for every wallet size - from simple song downloads, right up to some of my precious musical instruments, and even the crazy clothes worn on my photoshoots! A portion of the money will go to the Ashmount Special School charity. The rest will finance the album, support my family and enable me to continue making music for you!

Everything will be with you before Christmas, and they’ll make great presents! Lots of the rewards are unique or limited edition, so don't miss out! Get on board before this ship sails!

Thank you.

10% of all money raised from these pre-orders will go directly to the Ashmount Special School in Loughborough.

I'm proud to be able to support this amazing charity. For more information, go to P.S. they got an Outstanding OFSTED report this year - that's three times in a row!

You can pay in ANY currency - I've shown USD as well as GBP to give an indication of what the price might be for American friends.

Be aware that most rewards do NOT come with a CD. This means you can bundle up options that you like without having to buy multiple CDs, or you can choose from the "Quick Bundles below".

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