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Scroll 1: 100%

Scroll 2: 202.1%

Whole album: 75.5%

Scroll 1 Closes in

Dear Music Lover,
Welcome to the wild and wonderful, epic and eccentric journey of creating 'Flight of the Raven!' This isn’t just another album; it’s a musical adventure that defies conventional norms and embraces creative freedom.
Why should you support this project? Because it’s gloriously independent and wouldn’t exist under a traditional label. This album features four epic 20-minute tracks, each a journey in itself. The release strategy is just as unconventional: four EPs followed by a final complete album release!
By backing 'Flight of the Raven,' you’re championing artistic freedom. You’re helping to create something unique, unbound by commercial constraints. This project is fueled by passion, creativity, and a touch of creative chaos that resonates deeply in every note.
Your support goes beyond the music. Your generosity enables me to bring in world-class musicians like Terl Bryant, Dave Bainbridge, and Daniel Day, ensuring that every piece is as extraordinary as envisioned, and generously reward them for their incredible contributions. Together, we are creating something truly magical. Plus, you’ll join an exclusive circle of supporters, gaining access to crowdfunding-only items and artwork by the fabulous Eddie Wilson.
And you’ll be thanked in the album artwork! You will forever be associated with this album. Listeners for years to come will know that you made it happen!
But there’s more. By supporting this project, you’re also making a difference in people’s lives. Music heals and lifts up. It brings people together and truly makes a difference. As a slightly bonkers adopting and fostering family (10 of us and counting!), your contribution helps us continue our mission to provide a loving home for children in need. Your support means everything to us—both in creating this incredible album and in supporting our family’s journey.
Let’s make music history together. Support 'Flight of the Raven' and be part of something truly remarkable.
With wild gratitude,
Matt Steady

Celtic Prog Rock at its very finest!

Four ancient scrolls have been lost in time, each containing a mind-blowing 20 minute piece of music. Together they will let you experience a journey to the edges of the universe!

The first two scrolls have been found!

Fire Scroll: Ascension

Air Scroll: Gate of Souls

This is what you're going to get!

I will proudly add your name to the album artwork, immortalizing your contribution to this project. This is your opportunity to leave a lasting legacy and be a permanent part of 'Flight of the Raven.'

I will send you a high-res digital download of the artwork. It’s perfect for using as desktop or phone wallpaper, and when your friends and colleagues ask about it, you’ll love sharing your new favourite music with them!

I will also personally give you a massive shoutout on Twitter, Facebook and in my next Newsletter. This is optional, in case you’re shy, and I’ll let you tell me what to call you.

Music is about connection! My listeners are not faceless, nameless cogs in a machine. You are all valued members of my team that make it possible to create epic independent music. You’ll get to know me well :) Other music lovers will see you’re supporting an independent musician - you’ll be able to show off your favourite new artist to your friends.

Let me tell you about your parcel!

Your CD will be signed and packed by my own fair hand!

I will sign a photograph, personalised with your name, and put it in with the CD. As I write the name, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the chance and taking the time to listen to my music. You are appreciated.

I will pop in a beautiful, large, ‘Matt Steady’ sticker (in case you’re wondering, the sticker is beautiful and large, not me), featuring an authentic, roots based musician (that IS me). Put this on your laptop, briefcase, guitar case, fridge, or your car dash. You’re sure to have curious people ask you about it, and you’ll be able to proudly let them in on the secret of this little-known, rocket-powered musician from Leicester!

Meet the Crew!

Matt Steady (that's me!)

I'm an independent musician, living in Leicester (England) with my wife Abi and a small herd of children. We are adopters and fosterers, and currently have 6 children with us (as well as 2 grown up children living away from home!).

After 20 years working in IT, I made the crazy decision to pack it all in and become a professional musician. This turned out to be an amazing journey, and one that meant that when two small girls needed a home, we were in the right place to adopt them, which we couldn't have done if I was still in my previous employment. This starting the ball rolling and it's got got more crazy from there! Sometimes I wonder how on earth I find time to make the music!

On this, my 11th studio album, I play guitars, violin, mandolin, keys and piano, uilleann pipes (Irish bagpipes), and a few other bits and bobs I've forgotten about!

I'm totally independent. There is no record label involved here, no accountants, marketers, teams of songwriters or ghost musicians. This is as real as it gets.

Terl Bryant brings the THUNDER!

Drums and percussion.

You may know Terl as being one of the original members of the incredible Celtic prog rock band Iona. He's worked with the likes of John Paul Jones, Martin Barre (Jethro Tull) and many others. 

See more about Terl

Daniel Day on whistles and bass!

Dan is an outstanding artist in his own right, and is also part of the Dave Brons band. His beautifully ethereal whistles conjure up visions of ancient times, and his bass lines are intriguing and driving.

See more about Dan

David Bainbridge - piano on Scroll 1

Dave is a living legend of the Celtic Prog Rock scene - Iona, Lifesigns, Celestial Fire, The Strawbs etc. The only thing more extraordinary than his huge talent is the fact that he managed to squeeze in working with me for this project!

See more about Dave

Dave Brons guests on Scroll 4 !

Dave needs no introduction - he's currently leading the 'Celtic shred' revival with his Lord of the Rings inspired albums.

See more about Dave

Nick Tsiatinis 

Nick is the tireless (ish) photographer and videographer, who makes my work look far more professional that it would otherwise. He also created and recorded the basis for the second half of Scroll 2 - a man of many talents!

Also cooks a mean steak and his BBQs are epic :)

See more about Nick

I am committed to delivering an exceptional experience with 'Flight of the Raven'.  My promises to you:

  1. Quality Assurance: I guarantee that every aspect of this project, from the music to the merchandise, will meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. If not, I'll have a serious talk with my instruments.

  2. Transparent Communication: I will keep you informed every step of the way. Expect regular updates on the album's progress, production timelines, and any potential delays—because surprises are for birthdays, not backers.

  3. Timely Delivery: While I strive to meet all my self-inflicted target dates, I promise to keep you fully informed if unforeseen circumstances arise. Rest assured, I'll be on it like a musician on free pizza.

  4. Personal Connection: Your support means the world to me. Should you have any questions or concerns, I will personally address them to ensure you feel valued and appreciated. 

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. Together, we will make 'Flight of the Raven' a reality, creating a piece of art that we can all be proud of. Let's rock this!

  • What is the funding goal? The goal is £10,000
  • Why are you crowdfunding? First of all, as an independent musician, it is really hard to pay to record an album and buy the merch before it is released. Crowdfunding fixes that problem by supplying the funds to do so before they are needed. Secondly it enables us all to get personally involved with a project and to make a difference. Creating a work of art is done by teamwork! YOU are part of my team :) 
  • If we don't reach the target, do I get my goodies? You are absolutely guaranteed to get whatever you order, whether we hit the target or not. 
  • Where does the money go? First and foremost, it goes towards creating the album. I have some legendary musicians helping with this project, and I want to appropriately compensate them for the amazing work they've done. It goes towards equipment, training, travel. It goes to pay for the merch that you've ordered. It goes towards my time; this has taken 18 months of my life to put together so far, and this helps me feed the family and other animals!
  • Are there any stretch goals? Yes! (A stretch goal is a special extra reward if we get above and beyond the goal). When we get closer to the goal, I will announce the stretch goals, but suffice it to say there are some very exciting opportunities that we could investigate.
  • Can I buy any of this swag at a later date? The full album CD and download will be available after release, along with the posters, journals etc. However there are some crowdfunding-only goodies which are specific to the 4 EPs - the EP CDs themselves, the scroll t-shirts etc. I will buy a certain number of these to satisfy the crowdfunding orders. There may be a few left over at the end, but I won't be reordering them. There is a 2-week block of orders for each EP, so make sure you get yours in before the window closes! If you are going on holiday or have any particular need to order anything in advance, I can help with that. Email me on mattsteady@mattsteady.com with any queries.
  • Will this be available on Streaming Services? No, not at this point. Streaming is a convenient experience for the listener, but is, frankly, horrific for the artist. I simply can't afford to have people listen for free so easily. Saying that, if you want to copy the album and pass it on to a friend as a gift, then you have my blessing. Not commercially, and don't take the mick, but I find a personal recommendation often leads to new listeners and they often come back to contribute at a later date.
  • Will this be available on Vinyl? I would love to do this on vinyl. 4x20 minute songs would require 2 discs, which is very expensive to produce. I am still yet to turn a profit on the Presence vinyl run, so I'm thinking at this moment that it probably doesn't make any financial sense. But a stretch goal? Definitely a possibility. And if you'd definately buy vinyl at a double-record price, let me know. The more people that express an interest, the more likely it is that I will go forward with it.
  • Will this be available on Cassette? No :o Unless of course some retro angel wants to fund it :) In which case, get in touch!
  • How long will it take to finish the album? Most of the recording is already in the bag along with preliminary mixes. Final tweaks will be performed before each of the Scrolls are unearthed. There will then be some minor twiddling and polish for the final album to ensure that each track fits together correctly. I am aiming to get this done by 24 Sept as well, but it might take a little longer depending on key people's availability.
  • How long till I get my swag? There will be 4 EP launch nights, where we will have a listening party to one of the four movements. Digital downloads will be available immediately, and I will collect orders for the EPs and order them within the next couple of weeks. They should be with me within 3 weeks. I will get them out ASAP to Royal Mail, and if you're in the UK you'll get them in a couple of days. If you're elsewhere in the world, it could be anywhere up to a couple of weeks later. So you should have your CDs by end of November. Well before Christmas - so why not get some for friend and family?
  • What happens if it doesn’t arrive? I will send you an email to let you know when it's in the post. Then give it a chance! If you feel it might have disappeared en route, email me at mattsteady@mattsteady.com and I'll take a look. I’ll pop another in the post for you if necessary. And if you end up with two, give one to a friend!
  • What if it arrives snapped, with teeth marks on it, or covered in motor oil/mud/liquid of your choice? Same again - mail me on mattsteady@mattsteady.com and I will pop a replacement in the post for you, no questions asked.
  • Surely this is just the same as a million other bands? Well, as musicians, we stand on the shoulders of the same giants, and we have similar instruments, and similar influences. BUT I don’t think you’ll find another artist that sounds just like me. I pour out what is in my heart in a totally authentic manner, without attempting to sound like something or someone else. I think you’ll find there’s something quite different about this album. Tell you what - try it. Then get in touch and tell me what you think! I’d love to hear your thoughts.
  • What if I'm nervous about giving out my details! I do not have access to your payment details - these are kept securely by the payment provider. I promise you, I will never give your email address out to anyone. Your personal information is precious. And all my emails have a one-click unsubscribe at the bottom if you’d prefer to watch from a distance. 

Digital Downloads

High-quality MP3 and FLAC digital downloads, perfect for any digital device from high-end pro stereo systems to your phone. Matt Steady, Dave Bainbridge, Daniel Day, and Terl Bryant will sound clear as a bell. In addition, you will receive full-color digital downloads of the album artwork! Downloads will be sent to you immediately upon ordering.

Fire Scroll: "Ascension"


Air Scroll: "Gate of Souls"


Full Album: "Flight of the Raven"


Compact Discs

Scroll EPs and full album CDs, emblazened with stunning artwork designed by Eddie Wilson, featuring fabulous performances by Matt Steady, Dave Bainbridge, Daniel Day, and Terl Bryant. All parcels contain a signed photo from Matt and a lovely big sticker! You’ll also receive IMMEDIATE delivery of high-quality MP3 and FLAC digital downloads of the music and digital artwork.

Expected shipping date: 9th August 2024

Fire Scroll: "Ascension"


Air Scroll: "Gate of Souls"


Full Album: "Flight of the Raven"


Unisex Round-neck Shirts

Fire Scroll: "Ascension"


Air Scroll: "Gate of Souls"


Full album: "Flight of the Raven"


Ladies Fit V-neck Shirts

Fire Scroll: "Ascension"


Air Scroll: "Gate of Souls"


Full album: "Flight of the Raven"


Other Merch

Fire Scroll: "Ascension" Mug


Air Scroll: "Gate of Souls" Mug


Ancient Tome

Immerse yourself in history with this massive 8”x6” leather bound journal. Featuring a tree embossed in gold on the front, the journal’s weathered, textured pages evoke the feel of an ancient artifact unearthed from an archaeological site. Perfect for recording your own epic tales or profound thoughts, this journal is both a beautiful keepsake and a functional piece of art.

Expected shipping date: Nov 22


Experiences and No-strings Contributions


Flight of the Raven - No-strings Contribution

Support the creation of ‘Flight of the Raven’ with a no-strings contribution. Your generous support helps bring this Celtic prog rock masterpiece to life, and every bit of it goes directly into the production of the album. Join us in making something truly magical!

From £2    

Flight of the Raven - Executive Producer

Become an Executive Producer of ‘Flight of the Raven’ and be credited on the album artwork. Limited to 6 people, this package includes all CDs, downloads, a shirt, poster, journal, and a day with Matt Steady*. Enjoy a visit to Matt's studio, a countryside walk, a meal with the family, and receive album demos immediately. Join us for this exclusive and unforgettable experience!

*Optional depending on location and shyness!


Flight of the Raven - Patron of the Arts

Become the sole Patron of the Arts for ‘Flight of the Raven’ and make a monumental impact on its creation. This exclusive package includes all the rewards of the Executive Producer tier and special recognition on the album artwork. Your generous contribution will help bring this project to life and touch the lives of many through the power of music. Thank you for your incredible support!


Whatever you pick, THANK YOU! I couldn't be making this album without you.

Any other questions? Contact me on mattsteady@mattsteady.com and I'll be happy to help you.