'Epic rock instrumentals that will make you FEEL'

  1. Deep Calls to Deep Matt Steady 5:43
  2. Constant Matt Steady 3:28
  3. Espresso Matt Steady 4:29
  4. Reign Matt Steady 3:49
  5. Perforate Matt Steady 3:51
  6. Uprising Matt Steady 2:43
  7. Foundation Matt Steady 4:03
  8. Jelly Babies Matt Steady 3:42
  9. Reed Matt Steady 4:18
  10. Sunrise Matt Steady 5:16


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My name is Matt Steady, and I'm a musician based in Leicester. Along with my wife and our children, we're foster carers and always have our hands full (6 children in the house at the moment!). I'm the main carer, and in brief moments I slip in a bit of music!

I play a variety of music, from Celtic, folk, blues to heavy rock! My main instruments are guitars and violin, but I'll try my hand at anything.

I've poured my soul into my latest album. "Presence" is my heart crying out when I ran out of words. The album features ten instrumentals that cover a wide range of emotions, including joy, sorrow, perseverance, and even mischief. It draws inspiration from a variety of genres, including prog rock, Celtic and world music, folk, metal, and classical. I've taken risks with this album, pushing myself to learn new techniques and incorporate new sounds while staying true to my signature style. "Presence" is not background music. It's a one-of-a-kind immersive encounter that invites you to close your eyes and let the music take over.

I'm not alone in this project - I've teamed up with the incredibly talented Terl Bryant on drums, Phil March on bass, and Phil Stiles (Final Coil) to bring you an unparalleled listening experience. We've put our hearts and souls into this project, and we're excited to share it with you. We're going to set your speakers on fire!

In addition to the album itself, I'm also thrilled to offer limited edition merchandise, including vinyl, with stunning artwork shot with Nick Tsiatinis in the Lake District. I've gone all out on this project, and I'm committed to making it a success.

I believe that "Presence" is something special, and I'm confident that you'll agree. We've created something that's unlike anything you've ever heard before. So join me on this journey, and let's make some magic happen together.

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Happiness guarantee: If my music doesn’t take you to another time and place, inspire you and lift you up, then I will do whatever it takes to make it right. If a package doesn't arrive, I will send another by first-class pigeon*. Seriously though - if you aren’t absolutely delighted with your purchase, I WILL ensure you are happy.

*may not actually use a pigeon

Rock-out Energy Boost Guarantee: My music is so electrifying that if you don't feel an instant surge of rock-out energy within 24 hours, I'll send you a virtual air guitar for free!

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Reviews for "Presence":

Dave Bainbridge

Matt is a really nice guitarist, with a lovely sound and feel, who makes music that is filled with passion and depth. 'Presence' is a striking album.

Dave Brons

Matt is a great guitar player and a fantastic human being, and this comes across in his music. I loved his track Deep calls to Deep. I found the music uplifting - just like the man himself!

Steve Pledger

As a lover of accomplished and atmospheric guitar, ‘Deep Calls To Deep’ is a gift from the gods! The musicianship across the board is sublime; a genuinely moving musical experience.

Phil Stiles

A musically adventurous album, packed with Matt's typically evocative guitar playing, it pushed me out of my comfort zone! [Photo: Matt Negus]

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What my listeners say:

Aggy F

You can't listen to it in the background... Each song wakes you up and DEMANDS to be listened to! My goodness, some of the guitar playing left me breathless.

Nicholas K

Restrained elegance with punches of fury sweep you away to the musical world Matt created

Ralph B

I've been enjoying this album immensely. I often compare your guitar playing to Dave Gilmour, but I can also hear a touch of Robert Fripp. The tougher-sounding tracks like 'Reign' & 'Perforate' have echoes of 'Red'-era King Crimson about them.

Edward E

I've just listened to the entire thing with a cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits. You've excelled yourself, Matt. Brilliant work! It didn't need chocolate biscuits...

Chris T

Presence transported me over mountains and valleys, over desert dunes and ocean waves, over lakes, rivers and through forest glades, to outer space and other worlds. Bravo! It’s stunning.

Karen F

I feel like I’m in a lighthouse watching and listening to large rolling waves crash against the rocks, but I’m inside safe and sound.

Cameron Bird

Nice work! Lots of feels and a stack of emotion poured into this piece.

John Reed

For lovers of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen etc., Matt's absolutely excelled himself.

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Presence Digital Download (MP3)

The stunning Presence album provided to you as a digital download in MP3 format, perfect for quick downloads and listening to on your phone. These MP3s are super high quality 320kbps, and sound fabulous!


Presence Digital Download (FLAC)

This is for audiophiles. If you're one of these rare creatures, you'll need no introduction to lossless FLACs - totally awesome, mindblowing sound, crystal-clear and voiced by angel choirs. If you're not an audiophile, you won't be able to tell the difference between these and MP3s. And they're big. So get the MP3s :)


Presence CD (+MP3 +FLAC)

"...music that is filled with passion and depth. 'Presence' is a striking album..." - Dave Bainbridge.

An epic collection of guitar instrumentals that will make you FEEL!

This is no ephemeral, fly-by-night streaming experience. This is the real deal. A physical compact disc that you can hold in your hand and think "it's mine!". Collectable, shelfable, stackable, with gorgeous artwork.

Comes with super high quality MP3 and FLAC digital files to play on your phone/computer or in the car.


Presence Vinyl (+MP3 + FLAC) - Only 56 left!

Oh now. What has Matt done? His money would have been safer at the racetrack. Yes he's ticked off a Bucket List item and has done vinyl! Professionally mastered, the record sounds crystal clear, warm and inviting. The gorgous photography by Nick Tsiatinis shines in this format! Haven't got a record player? Buy it anyway, frame it, put it on the wall and play the included digital files! Matt's bank only let him order 100 copies, so this is a Limited Edition run. Matt will sign the album and number it from 1/100!

Only 56 left!

Handmade Leather Notebook - OUT OF STOCK!

A beautiful handmade leather notebook, with rough textured paper. This is EXACTLY the same as the one I use writing my albums, writing down my lyric, thoughts, mix notes etc. So inspiring - the texture of the paper just makes you want to write more! The cover and leather thong are evocative and it's a lovely thing to use.
I will write a personalised message to you on the front page, or leave it blank if you prefer.


Presence Vinyl Test Print +Vinyl +CD +MP3 +FLAC - OUT OF STOCK!

These are the actual test prints that come back from the manufacturer for Matt to listen to and perform quality control. They are white label and are in a blank white sleeve. Matt has signed and numbered the labels - numbers 1 to 10. These are therefore a truly fantastic collector's piece.

This will come with a 'proper' version of the vinyl when they arrive (printed label and gorgeous sleeve).
AND MP3 downloads.
AND FLAC downloads.

Bargain of the century :)


Presence - Guitarist Pack (Printed + Download)

Can you see yourself in this picture? Fancy upping your game? This pack will give you high quality backing tracks for all the songs on the album, and the sheet music so you can play along! This includes high quality printed tabs as well as the music downloads.


No strings support - leave a tip

This option allows you to contribute to the project, without a physical reward! Perhaps you're going to stream the album, so you don't need a digital download or a CD, but you want to show your support for the actual creation of the music? This is your chance to gain some totally excellent karma at a very low price :)