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Live at the 6 Degrees is a professional recording of Matt playing a once-off, unique gig with a wonderful band of "accidental musicians".

Matt Steady, Indigo Steady, Serena Smith, Steve Fletcher, Phil Harris and Stuart Wood

Demo tracks:
  1. The Green Man Matt Steady 3:51
  2. The Roamer Matt Steady 4:00
  3. Theory of Ruins Matt Steady 5:01


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The album and the gig video both contain all 12 songs that were performed at the live recording (The Green Man, Here be Dragons, The Roamer, Black Dog, Theory of Ruins, Funny Old World, Hello Old Friend, July of '69, Plura, Holding my Breath, The Piper, Buen Camino).

Everyone who pre-orders an album or the video will receive a free digital download album containing the original versions of each song for you to enjoy and compare with the new folky, acoustic versions!

Pre-orders will finish 1st June. I will post all CDs and USBs before the 1st July - I will firm up the final date with you as it becomes clearer :) 

Together we can help change lives!

10% of all money made from this album and video will go directly to the Open Hands Compassion Centre here in Leicester. The event was shot in the 6 Degrees Coffee House. All profits generated by the shop are invested directly into the work of the charity - you know that every penny will go towards helping those who need it the most.

We believe that every life is valued and that everyone can have hope for the future. We seek to provide emergency support and care for those most vulnerable and disadvantaged and empower individuals to move forward in their lives through offering practical help, advice, skills training and mentoring opportunities.

This charity is very close to my family's heart. My wife helps with the Pie Night, an evening of free food each week primarily for the homeless, but also for anyone that needs a good meal. My eldest daughter volunteers a full day each week to help sort the clothes and hygiene products that they support people with. There is so much more that they do that I can't fit in here - but I'd love you to read more about it at

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"Here be Dragons" will be available on all major streaming platforms a couple of weeks after the album is released