£1 CDs!

When I made my first album, I was a little bit enthusiastic and over-ambitious about how many physical CDs I thought I could sell. On my second album, I tempered my expectations and bought less. But still far too many. And now I have garage full of these. Frankly after 8 studio albums, these are my early exploratory works, and I'm never going to sell all of them! So why not give them away at cost? They are a little rough in places, but there's some absolute gems on there too.

So here you go. £1 + p&p. Now these are the old style plastic CD cases, which means they are Large Letter size. Postage in the UK is fine, but after Brexit it's a bit steep to some other countries! But I can't do much about that I'm afraid.

So here you go - knock yourself out :) I personally love these 2 records. There is only one condition - realise they are my early works and go and find my current stuff on Spotify (or better yet buy it from my website), and have a good listen.

Thanks so much!