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Interview with Niklas J. Blixt

Posted in Interviews by Matt Steady

Niklas, the rather awesome Swedish drummer that has been working with me on “Blood is thicker than gold”, asked if I wouldn’t mind answering a few questions. Why not! Read it here!

Advance CDs for feedback: Blood is Thicker than Gold

Posted in Album by Matt Steady

Righteo – we have some progress! The track listing on “Blood is thicker than gold” has been finalised. I’m waiting for drums on the last song, and possibly some harmonies on another, and then it is just the long process of finishing off the production and mixing. And of course

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Thrussingberry 2015 Review

Posted in Gigs, Reviews by Matt Steady

The organiser of the “Thrussingberry” gig from last week has kindly reviewed my set – and it is pretty funny!

New album “Blood is thicker than gold” coming soon!

Posted in Album by Matt Steady

The track listing for “Blood is thicker than gold” is almost finalised. Most of the songs are in the bag and recorded. Got a few bits of drums to add to a couple more and we’re almost there. Mixing and mastering are under way and it feels like we’re getting

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Thrussingberry 2015!

Posted in Gigs by Matt Steady

A great afternoon out at Thrussingberry – a fund-raiser for the local school in Thrussington. Beautiful weather, Aberdeen Angus burgers, oh and some tunes!

Guitar service

Posted in Kit by Matt Steady

I’ve just picked up my guitar from Sheehan’s in Leicester, where it has had its first service in 11 years! Frets levelled, action adjusted, electronics fixed and generally made good as new! It is playing beautifully and sounds amazing. Can’t wait to play at Thrussingberry this afternoon!


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