Blood is thicker than gold

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1. The roamer
Matt Steady  

July of '69

We landed on the moon in July of ‘69
We come in peace for all mankind
How long and dark a journey seems before the day is through
Small steps can be the start of something new

Looking out over a long-dead scene
A beautiful desolation of unknowns
Yet the very fact that we are here to see such empty wastes
Is surely bringing life to these dry bones

Some say we shouldn’t waste our time
Reaching for the stars
First fix the mess we’re living in,
Keep your feet upon the ground

But I say living without a dream
Isn’t really life at all,
And striving in and of itself
Is a goal that means much more.

We landed on the moon in July of ’69


2. July of '69
Matt Steady  

Funny Old World

It’s a funny old world
With the games you used to play
You seemed to give up more than you ever gave in
You’d dress up, and make up, then you’d shoot to kill
Aiming low for maximum pain
It’s a funny old world

It’s a funny old world
Stumbling home in driving rain
You conquered a heart, but gave up your own all the same
Lipstick smeared and hair untied, like a flower underfoot
Sun’s coming up but the world’s going down
It’s a funny old world


3. Funny old world
Matt Steady  

Blood is thicker than gold

The 42 stretches out under my wheels
There’s no turning off or changing your path – just driving on
I dread to see those hills come out of the mist
And if I slow down, slow down, it don’t make no difference
Just makes the wait unbearably long

Looking back there’s a privilege in sharing the pain
A strange kind of beauty as the cards all fold
All pretense burns away, leaving what’s real behind
Unable to speak, but able to be, I find
It soon becomes clear that blood is thicker than gold


4. Blood is thicker than gold
Matt Steady  


5. Romulus and Remus
Matt Steady  


6. Skogr
Matt Steady  

Wherever we go

Their hearts are with us, boys
Their hearts are here
Ours are their day-thoughts
Their night-dreams so dear
Wherever our good ship
The wild gales may blow
Their hearts are with us, boys
Wherever we go

Their last look we treasure
Their last laughs and tears
The last sobs and whispers
We heard from our dears
Half a world from them
We’re tossing I know
But their hearts are with us, boys
Wherever we go


7. Wherever you go
Matt Steady  

Jack o'Kent

Jack o’Kent was a working man
His hands as hard as stone
He dug and sowed in the borderlands
And brought his harvest home
He worked alone and had no wife
No child or next of kin
The gossip raged but the truth be told
They were scared of him

For when he went to church one day
For to confess his sin
He told the priest in confidence
He heard the devil speak to him

Now Jack was cursed for on his land
A mighty river lay
To get his wares to market meant
A trip of half a day
Five times he started off to build
A bridge of wood and stone
But the very next day he would wake to find
The bridge had tumbled down

In angst he cried and raised his hands
I’d give anything for luck
And sure enough the devil spoke
A bargain had been struck
“In return for this help of mine
There is a price to pay
The first soul that does cross the bridge
Is mine ‘till his dying day”

Much stronger than he was before
He worked into the night
The stones seemed light as feathers
With his demon-aided might
And in one night the bridge was built
And at the break of day
It stood there solid as a rock
Come what may

“Come walk across” the devil cried
“and check if it is strong”
But Jack o’Kent was a canny lad
And wouldn’t be led along

He whistled to a local stray
Enticed him with a bone
The sorry mutt did race across
When the juicy bone was thrown
The thunder clapped and the lightning struck
The devil howled in rage
Jack just stood and laughed aloud
As the poor dog paid his wage

Now Jack o’Kent was a working man
He laboured with a grin
But still he works and lives alone
Because the devil spoke to him


8. Jack O'Kent
Matt Steady  

Passion for pinecones

Bear with me a moment
As I tell my dated tale
I may seem so normal
But it’s just a wretched spell.

My eyes looking forward,
Or soaring through the clouds
But not on a screen, no
I’m checkin’ life for brand new sounds.

I have a passion for pine cones
And laughter for free.
Conversing and dancing,
That’s the life for me.
The wind in my hair
To block out the roar of the pessimistic nonsense,
Modern life’s a bore.

Find me in the crowd,
With a smile on my face.
With my hands in the air
Singing and lovin’ this place.

If you trip and fall,
Crashing to your knee.
I’ll reach out my hand
And show you how to be free.

I’ll start with a smile and
An understanding ear.
I’ll take all your blues babe,
Every worry, every fear.
Now life’s looking up since
I changed the frequency.
No pessimistic nonsense,
In anything I see.


9. Passion for pinecones
Matt Steady  


The sun shines brighter when you hear a tune
A melody that sears the soul
Memory of harmonies is a glimpse of hope
The chords fade but the echos remain

When I see your eyes those sad, sad eyes
And the fog that surrounds your head
I want to pick up my guitar
And sing to you and play for you and sing for you
As long as it takes for the sun to break through

Cut me open
You’ll find a beating drum
Bleeding rhythms
Sustained by ever-changing chords and harmonics

Just close your eyes and lose yourself
Reach your hands up to the sky
It’ll never judge, it’ll never hurt, always constant
The chords fade but the echos remain


10. Music
Matt Steady  


The blackbirds came at dusk and they roosted in the cane
Raised such a ruckus that it shook my windowpane
And I’m covered up in dirt and I stink of kerosene
And no matter what I do I can’t get clean

Last thing i remember was your footsteps in the hall
Whisky in your voice and a shotgun on the wall
Now there’s shadows in the shadows, there’s trouble in the cane
And there’s things you do that you just can’t explain

Uneasy lies the head – unfaithful is the heart
Ungrateful and unlucky and untrue
And no one saw me coming, and no one saw me go
Only the blackbirds and you

Come harvest in the cane fields the sky turns black with smoke
So I took our father’s gun and a heavy piece of rope
And I left you lying there like rotten fruit upon the ground
And I lit a torch and I burned the whole thing down

Uneasy lies the head – unfaithful is the heart
Ungrateful and unlucky and untrue
And no one saw me coming, and no one saw me go
Only the blackbirds and you

Our father was a farmer he planted fields of cane
He planted seeds of evil and we harvested the shame
Oh but I’m the last one standing there’s no one left to tell
And when it’s my time I’ll see you both in hell


11. Blackbirds
Matt Steady  


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