Apollo @46%

Wow we’re nearly halfway already! That’s brilliant news 🙂 Big thanks to everyone that has pre-ordered – thank you for supporting the project. And for supporting me!



I wrote this song after noodling about on my favourite resonator.

It doesn’t have a pickup, so I spent quite some time working out where to put the mics to make it sound the best. I used 2 mics – one to capture the sound from the dish and one from the fretboard, then mixed the two together to get the nicest sound.

I love big full sounds, but sometimes it’s so nice to just sit down and noodle with one instrument and see what comes out. It sounds quite heavy towards the end, but using a folky kind of sound. That juxtaposition appeals to me 🙂

I recorded the noodling and then wondered what on earth to do with it. So I got out my electric and improvised for a bit, finally recording the following riff which eventually became the recurring theme of the Apollo song:

Then inspiration struck in the form of discovering that NASA have an archive of loads of audio from their launches and landings etc. It’s an amazing treasure trove – an insight into the incredible history of some of mankind’s most daring adventures.


There’s so many to choose from, but on listening, Apollo 10 (the one before the first moon landing) had to be right up there.

The pulsing hiss at the beginning is a recording of the cabin noise. It’s very evocative.

Space travel? Surely that doesn’t fit in with sea shanties and epic journeys and pilgrimages? Oh hang on … it does. Perfectly. The song so far isn’t quite as folksy as the others, but blow me down it’s an unexpected topic that I think fits in perfectly.

And just to remind you of where we are so far, here’s the demo of the entire song with my fake drums on. I actually have now got the actual real drums from Niklas, and I’m mixing them in this week. What fun!

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