Brilliant work! Love the blend of styles. Keep the Fire Burning might be my favoured one followed by The Old Songs.

Jeff S

How extraordinary. The faraway almost ethereal sound at times seems to secretly transport us back those thousand years. But it’s never what you expect. Starting with Battle of Maldon, I worked back to Grist for the Mill. I found Matt doesn’t allow you to slip away for a moment with his excellent instrumental strands, rare […]

Carl Spaul

Utterly immersive…draws you into the dark ages His mix of traditional and contemporary instrumentation is inspired and paired with what I would call trad folk lyrics, sung in a voice that would suit the darkest of dive bar blues (think Tom Waits). Yet his vocals soften beautifully for tracks like The Blacksmith and Long Road […]

Sandra J

I still hear the haunting songs in my head… I listened over & over! It is an absolutely marvellous story-filled work of art!! I love it!


Instrumentation is pristine and reminds me of Hawkwind. Your voice would make Glen Hansard jealous!