Brilliant work in progress. Love the blend of styles. Keep the Fire Burning might be my favoured one followed by The Old Songs. Can’t wait to listen to the finished mix.

Jeff S

How extraordinary. The faraway almost ethereal sound at times seems to secretly transport us back those thousand years. But it’s never what you expect. Starting with Battle of Maldon, I worked back to Grist for the Mill. I found Matt doesn’t allow you to slip away for a moment with his excellent instrumental strands, rare […]

Carl Spaul

utterly immersive…draws you into the dark ages His mix of traditional and contemporary instrumentation is inspired and paired with what I would call trad folk lyrics, sung in a voice that would suit the darkest of dive bar blues (think Tom Waits). Yet his vocals soften beautifully for tracks like The Blacksmith and Long Road […]

Sandra J

I still hear the haunting songs in my head… I listened over & over! It is an absolutely marvellous story-filled work of art!! I love it!


Instrumentation is pristine and reminds me of Hawkwind. Your voice would make Glen Hansard jealous!