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As part of the PledgeMusic campaign for the ‘Feels like coming home’ album, a proportion of the money raised was given to the Ashmount Appeal. Ashmount is a special school in Loughborough – they are absolutely amazing!

It wasn’t enough money – they deserve more!

So I’m starting a charity single for them. It is “pay what your want” for the pre-order, and I’m also going to throw a free download of the ‘Blood is thicker than gold’ album for any donations that are £3 or over. Do it. Do it now! Click on the paypal link below:

I want EVERYONE to be on this single! Yes – YOU! If you’ve ever dreamed of being on a record, or on iTunes, then you’ll love this!

This is a DEMO of the song so you can hear what it will sound like. It is nice and bouncy and catchy, and the lyrics are simple and repeatable (and OKed by the school authorities!). There’s some shouting on here which the pupils at Ashmount will be able to join in whether it’s with vocally, banging a drum or hitting a switch trigger!

I want you SHOUTING on the record!

If you’ve made any donation whatsoever, then I would like you to record yourself shouting “Ashmount” lots of times very loudly – in 2 separate syllables like in the demo version of the song above. If you’ve got recording equipment then great! Otherwise the best way to do this is to play the track above on your ipod/iphone/mp3 player with headphones in, and record yourself either on video or a voice recording on another phone (yes you may need to work together with a friend). If you haven’t got access to two phones, then just record yourself shouting it a good few times with the right kind of rhythm and I’ll sort it this end. If you have any questions on how to do this, send me a mail on Matt Steady or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. Of course we’re also going to record the Ashmount pupils and add them in as well!

Want to be on the VIDEO?

Again, if you’ve made any donation at all, video yourself somewhere interesting shouting “Ashmount” at the top of your lungs! Don’t worry about the sound quality for this – just make sure the video looks FUN! I may not be able to fit everyone on that does the video depending on interest – if I have to choose it’ll be done on video quality and how interesting the scene looks! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


You’ll have heard on the demo that there is a whole choir of guitars! At the moment it is just me multi-tracked. If you can play guitar and have recording equipment, then download the tabs here, put some crunch on your amp and play along! Send me your track (should just have you on it, not all the backing!) and I’ll add it to the guitar choir! If you’re not confident on the solo, just do the chords 🙂

Other musicians

I’m also going to be hitting up selected musicians that I know to provide a few lines of the main vocals each – and of course some better drums and bass as well. Maybe some Hammond… let’s see what we can come up with. My target is to play/sing as little as possible on this record!

Any questions? Get in contact ASAP 🙂



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