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Closer - Simple Acoustic Songs, Fabulously Live

A gorgeous acoustic album, recorded live in front of an audience.
Stripped back. Simple. Raw. Intimate.

Chasing Down Wolves - Prog Folk Concept Album

"Chasing Down Wolves" is an old-fashioned concept album telling a tale. Each listener will hear a different story, but in essence we follow a Saxon blacksmith unwillingly pulled into a conflict with Viking raiders, eventually ending up in the Battle of Maldon.

"I can't relate to that!" I hear you cry! You might be surprised. Each track is a song in its own right, covering all sorts of topics. Love, family, politics, PTSD, immigration, poverty, people caught up between two sides of a conflict. Nerves before a big event. The joy of music and song, the exuberance of home-coming, the nostalgia of looking back across your life. This album is about things I've seen and experienced, stories people have told me, people I know and care about. It's about LIFE.

Echoes of Albion

Echoes of Albion is a strong mix of Celtic folk and good-old fashioned blues!

For us here in the British Isles, this album is a chance to explore some of our roots, both musically and historically. For other countries, especially if you've got Celtic ancestors, it's an opportunity to travel to a different part of the world as well as back in time!

There are 11 songs on this album, from the three peaks of Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis to ancient Celtic sacrifices. From the Roman Invasions to the signing of the Magna Carta. I even delve into the last hangman in England, and I explore the cultural uncertainty of immigrants here in Leicester.

The past contains lessons that we really need to learn - some of these songs feel SO relevant today.


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