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"Echoes of Albion" was born out of talking to you guys! While I often think of myself as a blues musician, I've been finding that the Celtic flavours I record have been resonating very strongly with a lot of people. And this kind of connection needs to be recognised and nurtured! And so here we are - the new album is a strong mix of Celtic folk and good-old fashioned blues!

For us here in the British Isles, this album is a chance to explore some of our roots, both musically and historically. For other countries, especially if you've got Celtic ancestors, it's an opportunity to travel to a different part of the world as well as back in time! There are 11 songs on this album, from the three peaks of Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis to ancient Celtic sacrifices. From the Roman Invasions to the signing of the Magna Carta. I even delve into the last hangman in England, and I explore the cultural uncertainty of the son of a Pakistani immigrant here in Leicester. Around half of these songs were based on suggestions from various friends that I've been talking to about the project. The past contains lessons that we really need to learn - some of these songs feel SO relevant today.

As you may know, I've been a full-time musician now for 18 months. It's been perfect timing - the fact that I'm working from home has meant we've been able to adopt another two wonderful kids that needed us. I can do the school runs and the park trips and all the other things that I just couldn't have done working in my old job. So inbetween all THAT, I've been making this album for the last 6 months! It's almost recorded at my end - my friend Niklas from Sweden will be doing the drum work, then there's all the mixing and other production. I've been keeping a video log, and as always I'm going to share all the most interesting bits with you.

This year there are hoodies as well as t-shirts, and quite a few other interesting bits and bobs as well. There's no hidden costs - worldwide shipping is included, along with access to all the updates and a digital photo pack. There's something for every budget! 

Also I've been asked quite a lot whether I'd consider releasing the next album on vinyl. I would LOVE to - releasing a record is most definitely on my bucket list. However it is horribly expensive. So what I've decided to do is add a flex goal to this crowdfunding. I'm aiming at 100% obviously, but if we do manage to get to 133%, then I will commit to putting this album onto vinyl.

I couldn't be making music full-time without you. I would be back working for a corporation, and our family wouldn't have been able to make a difference by adopting in the way we have either. The pre-orders from this album WILL go towards the CD and merch costs etc., but a big chunk will go towards putting food on the table and paying the bills. As always I will be giving 10% of the profits towards my chosen charity - the Ashmount Special School in Loughborough. Want to help me cross the finishing line and get this album made? Have a browse through the pre-order options below - I've made sure that there's something for every budget. Pick something fun, support me and join the project. Music isn't just something here and now - you'll be contributing to something that will echo for a long, long time.