% of goal

What's going on? Why the bargains?

Thanks again to everyone that supported the "Chasing Down Wolves" project with a pre-order. We hit an amazing 83.9%, which paid for all the CDs and merch and has put some cash in the family coffers to tide us over the Christmas period, which will no doubt be slow for sales!

But I do hate to miss a target ... I'd love to get to 100%. And I do have shirts and hoodies and CDs from previous albums that are just sat here in my studio taking up space. I do sell some occasionally, but actually I'd rather put them on here at nice cheap prices and have people wear them.

There is a right mixed bag of sizes and colours. You'll have to sift through them and find something you like in your size!

I will count all sales from here to the "Chasing Down Wolves" pre-order target and update the progress bar. And remember, 10% of the profits are going to the Ashmount Special School :)

p.s. if you have already bought a pre-order that needs posting, I will combine the parcels so that more money goes towards the total rather than to the Post Office :) Hope that's ok.


Godspeed and Good Hunting,



product with skudragons-roundteenot found

"Echoes of Albion" Round-neck T-shirt

"Theory of Ruins" round-neck T-shirt

"Here be Dragons" Ladies V-neck T-shirt

"Echoes of Albion" V-neck ladies T-shirt

"Theory of Ruins" ladies v-neck shirt


"Here be Dragons" Zipped Hoodie

"Echoes of Albion" Hoodie


"Live at the 6 Degrees" CD

"Here be Dragons" Signed album on CD

"Echoes of Albion" Signed CD

"Theory of Ruins" Signed CD

Signed 'Feels like coming home' CD

Signed 'Blood is thicker than gold' CD


Want to support the project and/or my family without wanting a reward? Feel free to leave a tip below! You rock :)


No strings support - leave a tip

This option allows you to contribute to the project, without a physical reward! Perhaps you're going to stream the album on Spotify or Apple Music, so you don't need a digital download or a CD, but you want to show your support for the actual creation of the music? This is your chance to gain some totally excellent karma at a very low price :)
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For Musicians:


I will add strings to your song/track

I will record a high quality violin or viola recording for your song/track

I will master a track for you + Digital Download

I will master a song/track for you AND provide you with a digital download of "Chasing Down Wolves". This is not an automated process - it's hands on, bespoke to your song. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Ashmount School - our chosen charity

Ashmount School

As in previous years, we've chosen Ashmount School in Loughborough to be our chosen charity. They'll be receiving 10% of the profits from the pre-orders :) Ashmount are an amazing all-age special school, and I've seen first hand their dedication and commitment to their students. I was able to witness a performance by their choir in Leicester's premier theatre, the Curve, and it was a very special experience. This year they received a Platinum Arts Mark from the Arts Council, which is incredibly difficult to achieve.

Last time we raised enough for them to buy printed t-shirts for everyone in the choir. This time I want to do more!