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Dearest friends,

I’ve jumped through all the burning hoops set and have weathered the storms of “techy guys can’t get video to play on website”, and I can finally announce that the PledgeMusic campaign for the new album is underway!

In case you haven’t come across these before, it’s a way of allowing your friends and supporters to pre-order downloads, CDs etc. in advance so that the musician doesn’t go bankrupt trying to fund the recording and production of the CDs! There’s the bonus of being able to get other rewards that wouldn’t normally be available, listen to the music before anyone else, and also see loads of updates on how the music is recorded and produced. You’ll get to make your mark on artwork decisions etc. as well.

I’d love you to be part of this adventure with me! I’d really appreciate it if you would head to the following page, watch the video, pick a reward and pledge your support.

In return, I pledge to keep you thoroughly in the loop and involved in the process, and to make the best music I possibly can for you!

Thanks so much for all the support you’ve already given me! Here’s to a most excellent adventure together!

Matt Steady

P.S. It would be so ace if you could share that link on twitter or facebook, or just show a friend!

P.P.S. If you have any questions, please email me back at – I’d love to answer them for you. Unless they are about quantum mechanics.

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