Big catchup offer!

Welcome to my music! You haven’t got my albums yet – I still have a bunch of CDs left over from the last few albums! Sounds like a win/win.

This offer is strictly limited by the number of CDs left in my studio, so don’t leave it till it’s too late.

This is the Big Catchup, where you can get my last 4 albums at a discounted rate, as well as a FREE exquisite handmade leather notebook.

Presence – My latest instrumental prog rock album. It might be instrumental, but you’ll singing along with the melodies, uplifted and strengthened.

Closer – A live acoustic album – all songs written over a year then performed and recorded in one take live in front of an small audience. The lyrics shine through in this intimate atmosphere. You’ll feel part of the experience.

New Buryin’ Ground – Teaming up with the great Terl Bryant (percussion and drums) and Matt Weeks (bass), this album is a stunning tribute to old blues influenced spirituals, with a modern twist.

Nawglan – This was my lockdown album – a beautiful collection of Celtic instrumentals. Perfect accompaniment to meditation, prayer, study, or just shut your eyes with your favourite beverage and let the music wash over you.

and FREE Handmade leather notebook – these are absolutely beautiful. The rough textured paper gives a physical experience to writing that makes you inspired to write more! This is EXACTLY the same as the one I use in all my song writing.

plus FLACs and MP3s of all 4 albums!

AND a handwritten thank you note on a signed postcard.
All CDs are signed AND I’ll throw in a lovely sticker 🙂

£80 worth of CDs for £62 PLUS the free leather notebook, currently selling at £20. This is a bargain that you’ll enjoy for many a year!

Not sure if you’ll like the music? Well that’s easily fixed. Click on the album names and you’ll be magically transported to an album page where you can listen to each of them in full on my website.


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