Chasing Down Wolves Hoodie – Zipped

  • Hoodie - Zipped, quality heavyweight, Loads of Colours!

  • Two Hammer and Anvil stickers
  • Autographed photocard, personalised
  • Special digital booklet, lyrics, commentary & photos
  • Special digital photo pack of wallpapers & phone backgrounds
  • Free world-wide shipping!  Arriving before Christmas

High quality heavyweight Hoodie. If you have an elaborate hairdo that Must Not Be Touched, then this is the perfect hoodie for you 🙂 The zipped hoody has the logo on the back.


  1. The Waiting Matt Steady 2:55
  2. Long Road Home Matt Steady 3:51
  3. Blacksmith Matt Steady 4:21
  4. Grist for the mill Matt Steady 3:24
  5. The Old songs Matt Steady 3:00