“Here be Dragons” CD + Round-neck T-shirt (design in progress) [$53]

Strut your stuff down the catwalk of life wearing a “Here be Dragons” T-shirt, while listening to the epic new album on CD!


  • Access to all the exclusive preorder-only updates and content, and a pack of superb digital photos taken by the inimitable Nick Tsiatinis!
  • A free EP download of fantastic music from some amazing independent musicians that I’ve worked with over the last year
  • If and when we reach the goal, you’ll receive a free album download of instrumental songs that I’ve recorded over the last 5 albums
Round neck t-shirt size
  1. Buen Camino [Demo] Matt Steady 3:44
  2. Here be Dragons [Demo] Matt Steady 3:52
  3. Apollo [Demo] Matt Steady 6:18