That “YES!” moment (one only!) + Hoodie + Shirt + 5 CD Discography

Totally unique! As I mix and master, I burn CDs with the album on to listen to in the car, on other people’s stereos, in different rooms etc. When I finally listen to one all the way through and think “YES! That’s the one!”, then that is the set of mixes that get sent to the duplicators. So in essence it’s a £1 CD with a huge emotional moment attached to it! This will be the exact CD I was listening to when I realised it didn’t need any more tweaking and the record was finished! That “YES!” moment is very special to me – and it can be yours to keep!

Also with signed CDs of “Echoes of Albion”, “Blood is thicker than gold”, “Feels like coming home” and “Theory of Ruins”, a t-shirt and hoody in your chosen colour and size and style.

  • Exclusive preorder-only content & digital photo pack
  • Free EP download from some amazing independent musicians
  • On goal reach: free album download of instrumental songs

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