Flight of the Raven – Patron of the Arts

Become the Patron of the Arts for ‘Flight of the Raven’

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a profound impact on the creation of ‘Flight of the Raven.’ As the sole Patron of the Arts, your extraordinary generosity will be instrumental in bringing this ambitious Celtic prog rock album to life, ensuring it reaches and inspires countless listeners.

Exclusive Benefits:

Ultimate Recognition: Your name will be prominently displayed as the Patron of the Arts on the album artwork, acknowledging your pivotal role in the project’s success.

All-Inclusive Rewards: Enjoy all the rewards from the Executive Producer package, including all physical and digital versions of the album, a shirt, poster, leather bound journal, and a day with Matt Steady.

Personal Experience: Spend an entire day with Matt Steady, exploring the beautiful countryside, sharing insights, and enjoying a meal with Matt and his family.

Immediate Access: Receive demos of the album as soon as you place your order, giving you an early and exclusive preview of the music.

Why Become the Patron of the Arts?

Make a Monumental Difference: Your significant contribution will greatly enhance the recording, production, and distribution of ‘Flight of the Raven,’ ensuring the highest quality and broadest reach.

Exclusive Recognition: Being marked as the Patron of the Arts is a rare honor, reflecting your deep commitment to supporting independent music.

Comprehensive Rewards: Enjoy all the exclusive benefits and memorabilia from the Executive Producer package, making this a treasure trove for any dedicated fan.

Impact Lives: Your involvement will help ‘Flight of the Raven’ reach and inspire as many people as possible, using the power of music to touch hearts and minds.

A Unique Opportunity:

This exclusive package is limited to one incredibly generous individual whose support will leave a lasting legacy. As the Patron of the Arts, you won’t just be funding an album; you’ll be making a meaningful difference in the world of music and beyond.

Thank You for Your Unparalleled Support!

Join us in making ‘Flight of the Raven’ an extraordinary musical journey. As the Patron of the Arts, your contribution will be invaluable, helping to create a project that resonates deeply with people around the world. Secure this unique opportunity today and become an integral part of this transformative musical experience.


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