Flight of the Raven – Executive Producer

Become an Executive Producer of ‘Flight of the Raven’

Step into an exclusive role with the Executive Producer package for ‘Flight of the Raven.’ Limited to just 10 individuals, this unique opportunity allows you to be an integral part of the album’s creation and receive unparalleled benefits.

Exclusive Benefits:

Album Credit: Your name will be proudly displayed as an Executive Producer on the album artwork, forever marking your significant contribution to this project.

Comprehensive Collection: Receive all physical and digital versions of the album, including CDs, high-quality MP3 and FLAC downloads, a stylish shirt, a stunning poster, and an exquisite leather bound journal.

Personal Experience: Spend an unforgettable day with Matt Steady. Visit his home studio, enjoy a walk through the glorious countryside, sharing stories and inspiration, followed by a delightful meal with Matt and his family. This is obviously optional depending on location and shyness!

Early Access: Get immediate access to demos of the album as soon as you place your order, giving you an exclusive preview of the music before anyone else.

Why Choose the Executive Producer Package?

Exclusive Recognition: Having your name on the album as an Executive Producer not only supports the project but also cements your legacy in the music you love.

Personal Connection: Experience a personal day with Matt Steady, offering a rare glimpse into the life and inspiration behind the music.

Comprehensive Collection: Enjoy a complete collection of ‘Flight of the Raven’ memorabilia, making this package a treasure trove for any fan.

Early Access to Music: Be among the first to hear the album’s demos, experiencing the creative process from an insider’s perspective.

Limited Opportunity:

With only 10 spots available, the Executive Producer package is a rare chance to deeply connect with the project and its creator. Your support as an Executive Producer will directly contribute to the high-quality production and success of ‘Flight of the Raven.’

Thank You for Your Generosity!

Join us in making ‘Flight of the Raven’ an extraordinary musical journey. As an Executive Producer, your support and involvement will be invaluable. Secure your spot today and become part of this exclusive experience.


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