Free CD – The Echoes Remain

Get back to your roots!

This is a FREE CD containing 11 of my favourite songs from the past 10 albums.

As you may know, my music is varied – all sorts of folk/blues/celtic styles! Not only will you enjoy this collection of songs as is, it will also be like a menu in a high-class restaurant – each track giving you an insight into one of my albums, so you’ll have an idea of the style and content of each.

You deserve to own this beautifully raw collection of roots – Celtic,bluesy,folky,rocky all wrapped together.

And don’t forget – you’re getting this music straight from the artist himself. Matt will wrap your parcel and post it himself. And you get that big, warm fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting an independent artist!

(please note – only one CD per person)

  1. The Roamer Matt Steady 3:57
  2. Hello old friend Matt Steady 3:30
  3. Theory of Ruins Matt Steady 5:26
  4. The Green Man Matt Steady 3:59
  5. Buen Camino Matt Steady 3:46
  6. Long Road Home Matt Steady 3:57
  7. Funny old World Matt Steady 4:54
  8. Grist for the Mill Matt Steady 3:24
  9. The White Cliffs of Dover Matt Steady 6:09
  10. Hazel of the Rocks Matt Steady 3:02
  11. Wayfaring Stranger Matt Steady 4:19


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