Matt's Remote Session Work

Violin / Vocals / Electric Guitar / Bass / Fretless Bass / Uilleann Pipes / Mandolin

As well as recording my own songs, I LOVE to record for other people too! I have appeared on many different albums over the last few years. I have played in many different genres from folk, blues, rock, classical - I've even rapped to request!

There is no fixed price for this - it basically depends on how long it's going to take me, which will depend on the length and complexity of the track, and whether I'm composing a piece from scratch or playing a part that's already written.

Get in touch with me by email at and I'll give you a quick quote. I think you'll be surprised how affordable it is.

I record in my home studio here in Whetstone, in high quality 96k 24bit. I'm happy to work with Dropbox, Onedrive, Wetransfer or anything similar to get files to and fro.

Includes 2 revisions free of charge.

Looking forward to working with you! Any questions - give me a shout!


Violin / fiddle

I had the great privilege of playing violin for the highly talented folk/blues guitarist Sam Jefferson, on a track called Sing Beneath the Sun. I recorded this at Studio Stoic, sent it to him and he mixed it in. A few months later we shot this video, which was hugely fun. And hugely cold!

And here's a video of the wonderful Laini Colman listening to my violin piece for her "Oh my darling" song.

And the GORGEOUS "Wine and Whisky" from John Reed. There's subtle violin playing throughout the song, then a crazy jig at the end with some nice guitar effects on for good measures!

Bass guitar (& fretless)


I play fretted and fretless bass (must admit I prefer the fretless - must be my violin background!). I have a 6 string fretless Sandberg as my main.