I can't do much... but I CAN do this:

A lot of us are now at home, stuck in and climbing the walls. From tonight, I will have the Minions at home with me and I'll be expected to teach them their school syllabus (!!). And because my lioness of a wife works in a special school, they'll be open and working through the Easter holidays (and possibly the summer holidays too). And when I'm not teaching the Minions, I'll be entertaining them. While it will be great to spend a lot of time with the kids, I have to recognise that my music business will pretty much stop dead in its tracks for the duration. However I have been mightily blessed by the efforts of some musicians and bands who are making their videos and music available, so without stressing about money I can lose myself for a few minutes here and there. THANK YOU.

So I'm going to do something similar. I'm making all of my albums free downloads. And it's all on the Streaming services. And you can watch my gig videos :) I don't expect anything in return - but hopefully this will be one tiny step forward to keeping us all sane :)

Although of course if you ARE a mysterious millionaire benefactor then do please get in touch - that would be helpful :)

Love and Birdsong,


Click on the album covers and use the voucher code HAPPY !

How about some full-length gig videos?

Prefer Streaming? I've got you covered!

Pass the love on!