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I offer my studio services as follows:

– Editing
– Mixing
– Mastering

I work mostly in folk/blues/country/acoustic genres, but I would be willing to consider other material.

I will take your high-quality, well-recorded tracks (which you’ll have recorded to a click) and will perform the following:

Editing £40 per song
– Tidy up the timing on your drums, instruments and vocals
– Edit out/reduce unwanted noise/breaths. Some changes are more possible than others…
– Add touches of tuning where necessary (vocals and sometimes fiddle etc.) Your original recording should obviously be high quality and shouldn’t need more than an occasional touch!
– I don’t generally get involved with comping etc. I prefer tracks to come to me containing your best performances. However contact me if this is something you need and we can discuss it.

Mixing £60 per song
– Add gain-staging, EQ and compression to bring out the sparkle in your instruments and vocals and allow them to sit well together without clashing
– Add tasteful reverb and/or delay where necessary
– Automate volume and panning to balance the different instruments to create a cohesive, compelling sound
– Ensure it sounds as good as it can on different sound systems (monitors, car, ipod etc.)

Mastering £40 per song
– This is NOT an automated one-size-fits-all process
– Perform final EQ
– Add a subtle saturation to give your final song a little warmth
– Increase the volume of the track to match required volume levels for radio
– Control the dynamic range so that the track is still musical and has highs and lows
– Match the volume and EQ between all the songs on your album/EP so there are no jars when moving between songs
– Create appropriate gaps between the songs
– Create a manufacturing master ready to go to a CD manufacturer, including UPC/EAN codes, ISRCs, CD-text etc.

Prices apply to “standard” songs in terms of length and complexity. If a song is over 5 minutes long or contains a huge number of separate tracks then it may be necessary to increase this cost. All prices are subject to hearing the initial tracks.

Included in my work will be two revisions to make sure you get exactly what you want!

Contact me at for further information or project requests.

Can’t wait to work with you!
Matt Steady

Matt’s done a great job with a few tracks I’ve featured on. He seems to have a good approach to mastering and mixing due in part to the technical skills he clearly has but I think because he approaches it from a musicians perspective too – such as he is

Darren Ellis


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