Aggy F

You can’t listen to it in the background… Each song wakes you up and DEMANDS to be listened to! My goodness, some of the guitar playing left me breathless.

Ralph B

I’ve been enjoying this album immensely. I often compare your guitar playing to Dave Gilmour, but I can also hear a touch of Robert Fripp. The tougher-sounding tracks like ‘Reign’ & ‘Perforate’ have echoes of ‘Red’-era King Crimson about them.

Edward E

I’ve just listened to the entire thing with a cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits. You’ve excelled yourself, Matt. Brilliant work! It didn’t need chocolate biscuits…

Chris T

Presence transported me over mountains and valleys, over desert dunes and ocean waves, over lakes, rivers and through forest glades, to outer space and other worlds. Bravo! It’s stunning.

Karen F

I feel like I’m in a lighthouse watching and listening to large rolling waves crash against the rocks, but I’m inside safe and sound.