Dave Bainbridge

Matt is a really nice guitarist, with a lovely sound and feel, who makes music that is filled with passion and depth. 'Presence' is a striking album.

Dave Brons

Matt is a great guitar player and a fantastic human being, and this comes across in his music. I loved his track Deep calls to Deep. I found the music uplifting - just like the man himself!

Steve Pledger

As a lover of accomplished and atmospheric guitar, ‘Deep Calls To Deep’ is a gift from the gods! The musicianship across the board is sublime; a genuinely moving musical experience.

Phil Stiles

A musically adventurous album, packed with Matt's typically evocative guitar playing, it pushed me out of my comfort zone! [Photo: Matt Negus]

Music that will make you FEEL!

Discover Prog Rock with a Celtic Resonance

Music that makes you FEEL!

Discover Prog Rock with a Celtic resonance

Eight years ago, my family faced an unexpected tragedy. In the midst of the shock and silence, I had the unenviable task of driving across the country to deliver the heartbreaking news to my parents.

I had received a new album in the post that morning, and as I drove I placed it in the CD player. The music became my voice when I couldn’t speak. The lyrics resonated with me, the melodies spoke to my soul, creating a connection that helped me navigate the pain.

It took me out of this modern world for a while, reconnecting me with my roots. While it didn't erase the hurt, it became a companion, guiding me through the slow process of healing.

This profound experience inspired the creation of my first album, and now, after eight years and ten studio releases, I am honored to share that I've curated a special album for you – a token of connection and healing. Progressive rock with a celtic edge - not your average sound!

Claim your copy of this epic and immerse yourself in an out-of-this-world experience that goes far beyond mere entertainment.

Here's a sample of what you're going to get!
Play this while you scroll through the rest of the page.

  • Have you ever felt a whirlwind of emotions, rendering you speechless in joy or at a loss for words in sorrow? This is not just music; it's the ebb and flow of life. When words fail, music speaks. It's the cry of my heart, and can be yours too. Close your eyes, open up and let the music guide you. Embrace it. It will be your companion, expressing the unspoken. Music has a spiritual dimension to it. It heals, lifts up, and joyously celebrates. This is for you.
  • This music is guaranteed to make you FEEL. Epic, majestic, uplifting, toe-tapping. Within the space of 45 minutes, you’ll have fallen in love, you’ll be elevated, you’ll have FELT. Experience ‘therapy without the therapy’, FEEL without vulnerability!
  • Go on an adventure! Escape the everyday! Pour a drink, dim the lights, close your eyes - let the music carry you away to another time and place. Break free from life's routine; you will go on a journey to another time and space. This music will resonate powerfully in your life, igniting passion, excitement, and joy.
  • Break away from the crowd! Want to become part of something bigger than yourself? Experience its strength, inspiration, and healing power. Music is a spiritual connection, a shared journey we make together. You'll join an exclusive tribe of adventurers reconnecting with their roots with the best-kept musical secret of the year!
  • Make a difference! By listening to independent music rather than the shiny plastic nonsense in the charts, you are helping change the balance. You'll make a personal connection and support an independent musician, going on to be a part of the creation of art touching you and many others. PLUS you'll be helping my family carry on our crazy adopting/fostering [8 currently and counting!]

I get it. You're sick of the plastic, manufactured music in the charts. This is not that. This is REAL.

"I’d defy anyone to listen to this track and not be moved by it!"

"I truly enjoy the melancholy and restlessness of your music."

"Matt has produced an incredible piece of music that is filled with adventures, hardships, journeys, and discoveries. He puts the listener right in the middle of the song. I can listen to it over and over; I love it!"

"Melodies of your compositions are beautiful and interesting, sounds of acoustical instruments impress. Great work!"

Tired of music being designed for an audience, written by committee, watered down to hit the lowest common denominator?

There's no big corporations here. It's just me. You'll be supporting an artist, not a faceless entity driven by profit margins and shareholders.

You won't be unknown, nameless number, a cog in a wheel. I will personally write my thanks to you. You can get in touch any time.

A strong sense of history and justice pervades the music. Powerful, all-inclusive. This music is made for YOU.

Hark back to the music of past decades? My music has ancient roots, with a modern twist.

"One emphatic word: WOW. This album is a tour-de-force, superb musically, intense lyrically, and truly captures the broad subject matter exquisitely."

This is the musical equivalent of getting out into the wilds - climbing mountains, crossing hill and dale:

"Here Be Dragons has a swashbuckling feel. It's a journey daring and romantic, fearless and dangerous. Bold, like a pirate ship cutting through a defiant storm on its hungry voyage to uncharted shores."

You will receive a high quality album download, immediately available to download to play on your computer, phone, car, digital stereo - 70 minutes of music arranged in a majestic, uplifting album. This is a beautiful collection of my favourites.

Tell you what - just wait till you hear what you're going to get!

You will receive downloads of crystal clear, super-high quality MP3 and FLACs, tagged and crying out to be played loud. Pop these on your computer, phone, MP3 player or even your car and you’re ready to experience the magic wherever you are.

And … who doesn’t like singing in the shower or in a traffic jam? As a special gift, I’m including an exclusive digital download of the complete lyrics.

Immerse yourself in the poetic journey, connect with the emotions, and sing along with every heartfelt word and melody.

I will send you a high-res digital download of the artwork. It’s perfect for using as desktop or phone wallpaper, and when your friends and colleagues ask about it, you’ll love sharing your new favourite music with them!

As a special bonus, I’m including exclusive guitar tablature for two of the most electrifying and epic songs on the album. Do you play guitar? Learn to play the riffs that create the magic!

No guitar is required - these tabs work perfectly with an Air Guitar!

I also run an exclusive Facebook group of likeminded music fans. Music is all about connections! We share musical discoveries, chat about our favourites, share photos when we go to gigs, and I keep you up to date with what’s happening back here at home.

I will also personally give you a massive shoutout on Twitter, Facebook and in my next Newsletter. This is optional, in case you’re shy, and I’ll let you tell me what to call you.

Music is about connection! My listeners are not faceless, nameless cogs in a machine. You are all valued members of my team that make it possible to create epic independent music. You’ll get to know me well :) Other music lovers will see you’re supporting an independent musician - you’ll be able to show off your favourite new artist to your friends.


£1 !

My other digital albums are on sale for £14 on my website.

It’s a no-brainer.

To be honest the £1 is just to cover costs (so my wife doesn’t actually think I’ve gone totally mad!). I have found that almost everyone who listens to this album absolutely loves it - but rising above the noise and actually getting people to listen is the hard part!

Why am I doing this mad deal? Because I am confident you’ll love it so much you’ll be back for more! It’s a win/win for us both.

I am a totally independent musician. There’s no middleman - it’s just me and you. I am totally authentic and I make the art that needs to be made without worrying about a particular audience or whether it’ll get radio play. I move from genre to genre as the muse requires - always with that uplifting, epic edge that will take us into another world. I do not release music unless it moves me! Then I know it will move you too.

My music is not on Spotify. It used to be. Although it paid very little, I had it there as a service to my lovely listeners. It still didn't feel right though. 

Recently Spotify have decided not to pay anything at all to musicians whose songs get less than 1000 streams! While most of my music hit this target, to me this showed their attitude to independent musicians. Is our music worthless just because it doesn't have huge play? NO. Even though we have to pay for our own subscriptions (and generally don't make the money back), they won't even pay for the music of ours that is streamed. It just felt wrong. And so I made the heart-wrenching decision to pull it all. 

Don't feel guilty if you are a Spotify user - if you download the album from my website, you can point your Spotify at your local music directory, and still play all your favourite independent musicians' music, safe in the knowledge that you have helped support them to create and make the world just a little bit better.

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Happiness guaranteed! If my music doesn’t take you to another time and place, inspire and lift you up, then I will do whatever it takes to make it right. If you struggle with your order, can't play the files or have some other unlikely issue, I will personally look into it and help you out till I've got you sorted. If you aren’t absolutely delighted with the free album, I will happily refund you in full. The full £1. Whatever it takes.

Celtic Energy Boost Guarantee: This music is so electrifying that if you don't feel an instant surge of Celtic Energy within 24 hours, I'll send you a virtual air guitar for free!

This is a huge package of lovely music, keep-sakes and experiences, for the ridiculous price of £1.

It’s a no-brainer.

Don’t miss out!

But there is a catch. There's always a catch. Want to know what it is?

You'll love it so much, you'll be back for more!

Who am I anyway?

I'm an independent musician, living in Leicester (England) with my wife Abi and a small herd of children. We are adopters and fosterers, and currently have 6 children with us (as well as 2 grown up children living away from home!).

After 20 years working in IT, I made the crazy decision to pack it all in and become a professional musician. This turned out to be an amazing journey, and one that meant that when two small girls needed a home, we were in the right place to adopt them, which we couldn't have done if I was still in my previous employment. This starting the ball rolling and it's got got more crazy from there! Sometimes I wonder how on earth I find time to make the music!

  • I have been making music for 40 years, since playing violin and piano in primary school!
  • I have created 10 studio albums (you can hear them all IN FULL on my website)
  • I’ve played countless gigs.
  • I have been played on the BBC and many other radio stations (not easily achieved when working in the celtic prog rock genre!)
  • I have played and recorded with some absolute legends - Terl Bryant springs to mind.
  • Endorsed by Dave Bainbridge, Dave Brons, Phil Stiles, Steve Pledger

John Reed

For lovers of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen etc., Matt's absolutely excelled himself.

Cameron Bird

Nice work! Lots of feels and a stack of emotion poured into this piece.

Karen F

I feel like I’m in a lighthouse watching and listening to large rolling waves crash against the rocks, but I’m inside safe and sound.

Chris T

Presence transported me over mountains and valleys, over desert dunes and ocean waves, over lakes, rivers and through forest glades, to outer space and other worlds. Bravo! It’s stunning.

Edward E

I've just listened to the entire thing with a cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits. You've excelled yourself, Matt. Brilliant work! It didn't need chocolate biscuits...

Ralph B

I've been enjoying this album immensely. I often compare your guitar playing to Dave Gilmour, but I can also hear a touch of Robert Fripp. The tougher-sounding tracks like 'Reign' & 'Perforate' have echoes of 'Red'-era King Crimson about them.

Nicholas K

Restrained elegance with punches of fury sweep you away to the musical world Matt created

Aggy F

You can't listen to it in the background... Each song wakes you up and DEMANDS to be listened to! My goodness, some of the guitar playing left me breathless.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long will it take for me to receive my album download? Ooh... about 5 seconds normally. If not, check your junk folder! 
  • What happens if it doesn’t arrive? If you still can't find it in a few minutes, send me an email at mattsteady@mattsteady.com and I'll work with you till you've got it. Occasionally people mistype their email - this is the most normal cause of not being able to get their download.
  • What if it doesn't play on my phone? Depending on your phone, you may need to download an app to play it. I recommend VLC :) 
  • What happens if it just doesn’t hit the spot when I listen to the album? Well I haven’t ever had anyone come back to me with this one yet. But if you truly find you are allergic to dragons, just let me know. I’ll refund you your £1!
  • Surely this is just the same as a million other bands? Well, as musicians, we stand on the shoulders of the same giants, and we have similar instruments, and similar influences. BUT I don’t think you’ll find another artist that sounds just like me. I pour out what is in my heart in a totally authentic manner, without attempting to sound like something or someone else. I think you’ll find there’s something quite different about this album. Tell you what - try it. Then get in touch and tell me what you think! I’d love to hear your thoughts.
  • What if I'm nervous about giving out my details! I promise you, I will never give your email address out to anyone. Your personal information is precious. And all my emails have a one-click unsubscribe at the bottom if you’d prefer to watch from a distance. And it's the only way to get the album to you!
  • Is this actually any good? I picked my personal favourite tracks to go on this CD. These are the ones that I’ve had so many listeners message me about, telling me about how they’ve helped them in their lives. The special ones. The ones that make a difference. I shared the proposed track listing with my listeners and they were blown away. They even persuaded me to add another couple of tracks! No wonder it’s 70 minutes long … And as to the quality - well check out the video. You’ll know in advance that this is top drawer!
  • But I prefer CDs! Well believe it or not, I have a FREE CD version of this album (yes I am mad I know!). Click here
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