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  1. Grist for the Mill Matt Steady 3:24
  2. The Blacksmith Matt Steady 4:24
  3. Another Sky Matt Steady 6:00
  4. Keep the Fire Burning Matt Steady 6:19
  5. The Waiting Matt Steady 2:55
  6. First Skirmish Matt Steady 3:11
  7. The Old Songs Matt Steady 3:08
  8. The Battle of Maldon Matt Steady 2:24
  9. Aftermath Matt Steady 3:56
  10. Homecoming Matt Steady 4:44
  11. Long Road Home Matt Steady 3:57
  12. Memories Matt Steady 5:04


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"Chasing Down Wolves" is an old-fashioned concept album telling a tale. Each listener will hear a different story, but in essence we follow a Saxon blacksmith unwillingly pulled into a conflict with Viking raiders, eventually ending up in the Battle of Maldon.

"I can't relate to that!" I hear you cry! You might be surprised. Each track is a song in its own right, covering all sorts of topics. Love, family, politics, PTSD, immigration, poverty, people caught up between two sides of a conflict. Nerves before a big event. The joy of music and song, the exuberance of home-coming, the nostalgia of looking back across your life. This album is about things I've seen and experienced, stories people have told me, people I know and care about. It's about life.

If I had to, I'd describe the sound as Celtic Folk. I've chosen not to use any guitars, forcing me to get creative and approach everything differently. I'm using a cittern (a 10-string folk instrument), violin, viola and fretless bass. The resulting sound is full, clear and vibrant. Noticeably different, yet definitely still me! I'm joined by the beautiful vocals of the symphonic rock/pop artist Eleanore (from the band Eleanore and the Lost), and Terl Bryant on percussion (Iona, Peter Gabriel, Rick Wakeman, The Bad Shepherds, Troy Donockly, Cliff Richard, Delirious, Matt Redman and so many more).

But it's not just about the musicians... you can be a part of it too! There's no record label. No accountants and managers, design teams, market researchers, creative directors. Nobody paying for radio play. No teams of song-writers (did you know there is an average of NINE song-writers involved in a top-40 song?). I have much appreciated help from friend and photographer Nick Tsiatinis, but I try and do everything else myself. I write, record, mix and master the music. I build the website and design the artwork. I order and pay for the CDs etc. in advance. I collate the orders and talk to everyone who buys stuff. I lovingly make up parcels by hand, label and spend hours in the Post Office!

I couldn't be doing it without YOU. The only way it works is because wonderful people like you join me. It isn't just my album. These days album sales have been eclipsed by streaming, and most people will only go to see stadium bands. So it's down to you and me to take a stand. Independent music will not last unless us musicians risk making the music. It will not last if us listeners don't support the artists.

Money raised from this album covers the physical cost of the CDs, but it also goes towards the mortgage, food, clothes and books and everything that is required to keep our herd of children in the manner to which they are accustomed.

P.S. If money is tight, you can still show your support!

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  • MP3 downloads with artwork & lyrics, perfect for your phone
  • 24bit 48kHz FLAC downloads for audiophiles
  • A gorgeous, large sticker!
  • Autographed photocard, personalised
  • Special digital booklet, lyrics, commentary & photos
  • Special digital photo pack of wallpapers & phone backgrounds

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Eleanore from Eleanore & The Lost

In the studio as well as onstage, Eleanore's music and voice are truly captivating, and evidence that she continues to compose songs with great, well-written lyrics, memorable melodies and spine-tingling, epic choruses that you can't get out of your head for literally days… and days.

"The awesome vocal might and musical presence of Eleanore & the Lost are unleashed! Eleanore, a Kate Bush-like vocalist stole the show and certainly uplifted the audience, evident by standing ovations at the end." Pete Rann, Royal Borough Observer, Windsor Festival


Steve Clarke - Cuillin FM

One of the dangers in reviewing a new album from a (relatively) new (to me) artist like Matt Steady is that there’ll be specialists out there, waiting to pounce with a withering "Oh, Matt Steady: yes, been listening to him for centuries."

I don’t care. Nor do I care that Matt is also one of those talents that can play any number of instruments, seemingly by looking at them, write a set of excellent songs, add very effective vocals, and then record, produce, mix and master a stunning album like "Chasing Down Wolves" and throw in the album photos for good measure.

The album is a, wait for it, "concept" album, focusing on events round the time of the Battle of Maldon (991 A.D./C.E.) when the Anglo-Saxons were on the receiving end of a severe battering by the Vikings (of Unfair Reputation). As such it is a fine example of the genre, hanging together with real continuity through references to a blacksmith participant. But it is an album that works equally well as a set of songs and tunes, with each track holding its own, in its own right: "Long Road Home" is one particular example of this.

I am a devoted fan of bowed instruments – o.k., particularly the fiddle and viola – and "Chasing Down Wolves" overflows with brilliant examples thereof, but also boasts some beautiful pipe and whistle playing. As said, the vocals are varied and very effective as well, sensitively-augmented and leavened throughout by some subtle "backing" from Eleanore. Equally appropriate is the percussion work of Terl Bryant, notably but not exclusively on "Aftermath".

You should by now get the impression that I am hugely impressed by the whole. If you insist, I would pick "Another Sky" as a stand-out track (particularly within the "story"), but please don’t insist. It’s all great, and varied. So if you have heard Matt before, lucky you. I’m catching up and thoroughly enjoying the process. "Chasing Down Wolves" is a massively-good piece of work and Matt’s is a major talent.

Steve Clarke, Cuillin FM

Dream Frog podcast

Due for general release this Winter, Chasing Down Wolves is utterly immersive, something Matt seems to have been pushing for since the release of his second album Feels Like Coming Home.

Steady draws you into the dark ages from track one, Grist For The Mill and doesn't let go of your imagination until the end of track twelve, Memories. His mix of traditional and contemporary instrumentation is inspired and paired with what I would call trad folk lyrics, sung in a voice that would suit the darkest of dive bar blues (think Tom Waits) and you're getting there. And yet his vocals soften beautifully for tracks like The Blacksmith and Long Road Home.

Matt wanted to use this album to tell a story, he's done that and so much more. Definitely an album to lose yourself in, on those long winter nights in front of an open fire.

Tina Sherwood: Rock Shotz Soundz

It’s a rarity these days to be presented with a concept album, but that’s exactly what the talented Matt Steady is giving us with ‘Chasing Down Wolves.’ It tells an ancient tale of a Saxon blacksmith who finds himself unwillingly facing conflict with Viking raiders, the result of which is a fierce battle.

Whilst the basis of the story is the stuff of legend, the situations and emotions we hear can be found at any time, in any place, in any innate consciousness: love, the need to protect, antagonism, family, nostalgia, so there is the ability for transference if the listener does not necessarily connect with the story historically.

Best described as ‘Celtic Folk with a Symphonic Air,’ in order to achieve this creation Matt Steady has employed some truly heavy-weight talent in the form of the beautiful vocal skills of Eleanore (of Eleanore & the Lost) and super-percussionist Terl Bryant, who’s accompanied some of the most famous names in the modern entertainment world!

Musically, ‘Chasing Down Wolves’ is imaginative and evocative of an age, primarily due to Steady’s choice of instrumentation. Steering completely away from guitars, one of the main sounds is a 16th century cittern, a 10-stringed folk instrument, which, on its own, adds a sonorous historical ambience.

Special mention should be made of Track 8, ‘The Battle of Maldon,’ a simple, stunning unaccompanied hymn before battle. The layers of voices and harmonies, in conjunction with gorgeous atmospheric production creates a haunting sacred reverb; we’d defy anyone to listen to this track and not be moved by it!

Matt Steady is a composer, arranger and performer who additionally takes on the mantle usually carried by music management companies, thereby cutting out the ‘middle man.’ In this case he mixes, masters, designs the artwork, builds and manages the website and everything else in between! He’s an incredible one-man concern who likes to share any profits with deserving charities close to the hearts of himself and his family.

At a time when Rock Shotz Soundz is overflowing with requests to review Punk, Rock and Metal bands, the beautiful sound of ‘Chasing Down Wolves’ is extremely cathartic!