Live at the 6 Degrees is a professional recording of Matt playing a once-off, unique gig with a wonderful band of "accidental musicians".

Matt Steady, Indigo Steady, Serena Smith, Steve Fletcher, Phil Harris and Stuart Wood

  1. The Green Man Matt Steady 3:51
  2. Here be Dragons Matt Steady 3:57
  3. The Roamer Matt Steady 4:00
  4. Black Dog Matt Steady 5:36
  5. Theory of Ruins Matt Steady 5:01
  6. Hello Old Friend Matt Steady 3:02
  7. Funny old World Matt Steady 4:54
  8. July of 69 Matt Steady 3:40
  9. Plura Matt Steady 3:38
  10. Holding my Breath Matt Steady 3:23
  11. The Piper Matt Steady 4:07
  12. Buen Camino Matt Steady 4:20


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Full gig video:

The album and the gig video both contain all 12 songs that were performed at the live recording (The Green Man, Here be Dragons, The Roamer, Black Dog, Theory of Ruins, Funny Old World, Hello Old Friend, July of '69, Plura, Holding my Breath, The Piper, Buen Camino).

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When you’re a musician with the calibre of Matt Steady, you know you’re going to be able to call on some pretty smart mates to help make a new recording, which is exactly what happened for this album.

The 6 Degrees is a coffee house in Steady’s hometown of Leicester and was the venue for this ‘Live at…’ gig, which features 4 fellow musicians and his eldest daughter performing 12 tracks taken from his Steady’s 5 albums. After only 3 rehearsals the results sound pretty good to me!

On FB Matt Steady describes his sound as ‘Indie folk/blues with Celtic and American flavours.’ Even with the new instrumental spin on previously recorded songs, you can hear these influences clearly. Steady’s slightly gruff tones brings the Americana influence to the fore, especially on tracks such as ‘Black Dog,’ a song about many a musician’s plight, depression. The inclusion of anything with keys played by Steve Fletcher, adds to the Americana/blues effect throughout the album.

I know Matt Steady as a fiddler, but on this album that mantle is taken on by Serena Smith, a professional musician/busker from Lincoln and instead, he sings and plays guitar. The fiddling is reminiscent of Hannah Johns from The Leylines and similarity with The Leylines doesn’t end there, particularly on Track 12, Buen Camino, which has a very familiar feel to it.

With a steady (no pun intended) bass (Phil Harris) and cajon (Stuart Wood) across the entire performance, the album brings us a range of mostly folksy sounding music which is easy to listen to. The vocal harmonies added by Steady’s daughter, Indigo, make for a more melodic sound than if her dad’s voice had been solo.

Favourite track: Track 2, Here Be Dragons, a lyrical song with an emotional vocal delivery from Matt Steady himself, accompanied by beautiful harmonies and gypsy violin. ‘Here be dragons’ remains in my head long after the music has finished.

The 6 Degrees, where this live recording took place, is a social enterprise coffee house, part of The Open Hands Trust in Leicester which plays an important part in the Steady family life. 10% of the money raised from sales of this album will go back to the Trust, which helps people in need.