Sticks and Stones CD – collectors only!

This is the second CD I ever recorded and made. It’s home-burnt and the cover is printed out on black and white printer paper and folded to make a rough cover.

I recorded Indigo singing 3 songs (Make you feel my love, Hello cruel world, Grenade) and added Wherever we go (one of the first tracks from Blood is Thicker than Gold, but before that CD was released).

And yes that is Indigo on the front cover (singing on the Live at the 6 Degrees album of course!). I’m not even sure she was a teenager yet in the photo – maybe 12? The dog is Pip – still rattling about and causing havoc.

The CD was the second one we’d done to sell to friends and family to help raise money to take our stick-fighting team to a competition abroad, and like the “Rambling on the Black List” CD, I think I made about 30 of them in total.

There are only 3 left, and I’m keeping one of them for myself 🙂

Don’t buy this expecting amazing sound quality and production, a professional slick cover and a beautifully printed CD. This is as rough as it gets. But it is a bit of history :


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