“Echoes of Albion” Signed CD (Matt + Indigo)

“Echoes of Albion” Signed CD (Matt + Indigo)


A compact disc of the “Echoes of Albion”, appropriately packaged in recyclable materials. Encased in beautiful artwork including photography by Nick Tsiatinis, with a personalized autograph written by my grateful hand.

NOW with a signature by the elusive Indigo Steady, my daughter, who did such an amazing job singing on the album.

  1. The Green Man Matt Steady 3:59
  2. Lindow Moss Matt Steady 6:24
  3. The White Cliffs of Dover Matt Steady 6:09
  4. Boudicea Matt Steady 3:35
  5. Hadrian’s Wall Matt Steady 3:18
  6. Aberdour Matt Steady 5:33
  7. Runnymede Matt Steady 3:28
  8. Old Sarum Matt Steady 4:25
  9. 21 Score and 75 Matt Steady 3:11
  10. Narborough Road Matt Steady 4:29
  11. The Three Peaks Matt Steady 8:10


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